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The AC Credit Advantage

There are other sources of credit for central air conditioning equipment. But, unlike others, AC Credit offers homeowners several important advantages not always available elsewhere.

New Equipment Can Help Pay For Itself

First, AC Credit specializes in offering homeowner financing exclusively for heat and air conditioning systems. This allows us to work closely within our dealer network and thereby simplify the entire process of financing your new comfort system.

With AC Credit there is a minimum amount of detail and no wasted time getting prompt approval of your credit application. To apply for credit, you may apply online now, or you can go through your dealer. They only have to fax the application and a decision will be made the same day, usually within the hour.

Choose a Specialist

Don't you hate calling those toll free numbers that are answered by a computer? Not with AC Credit. We're headquartered in Texas so you'll get prompt, personal service. Why settle for less?

Quick and Easy

Make a down payment if you like – but it's not required with AC Credit. Even better, our rates are competitive and if you want to pay it off early–no problem–there's no prepayment penalty.

We're Your Neighbor

It's true. Your new comfort system is likely to be two or three times more efficient than older, trouble prone equipment so you'll save on ultility bills. Plus a strong warranty protects you from costly breakdowns.

No Money Down - No Pre-Payment Penalty

The savings can be considerable and will help offset your monthly payments. Unlike other home improvements a new central air system is actually more of an investment, rather than expense.

Get The Number

Your air conditioning dealer will give you all the particulars on your AC Credit loan: payments, interest, due date, etc. Just remember – with AC Credit, you can Take Comfort in Good Credit.

AC Credit offers consumer financing to prospective customers only through our authorized dealer network. If you haven't already selected a dealer, please contact us to find an authorized dealer near you.